The PASA Connect Adelaide Big Breakfast

Thursday 27th April 2023
Adelaide Oval- MG Suite One, overlooking the ground
7.00am to 11.30am 



From 7.00am      Coffee, Juice and Networking

7.30am               Hot breakfast served to table


Introduction and Welcome


 The 4 unavoidable questions facing procurement throughout 2023


  • What new challenges do procurement prcatitioners face following the pandemic?

  • How are these exacerbated by the current context of high inflation, supply chain clockages, the war in Ukraine and growing ESG needs?

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS , CEO, PASA


POLICY: A fresh look at industry participation policy through strategic procurement


The current global economic crisis including the lasting effect of the pandemic and the conflict in the Ukraine represents a major challenge to the State and the nation, and procurement strategies and practices developed during a period of economic boom are no longer appropriate during a period of economic restructuring.

A key opportunity is to use public procurement as a key instrument in economic/social change and as a means to deliver broader government policy.

The session will also explain the Industry Participation Policy in SA, the new rules announced by the Treasurer most recently.

Ian Nightingale, Industry Advocate, South Australia


RISK: What is the future of global sourcing from ANZ in a world that is de-globalising?


Global supply chains have become increasingly stressed over the past few years. Various geopolitical, economic, environmental and public health factors have disrupted global trade and brought many challenges for procurement leaders. Most of these forces will reverberate throughout 2023.


Unavoidably, difficult strategic supply questions will have to be answered at an organisational level during 2023, presenting strategic procurement imperatives for most CPO’s, including not just cost in an inflationary world but also:


• Managing international supply chains and logistics during times of uncertainty

• Right-shoring – the importance of supply market diversification and establishing an agile sourcing strategy

• Balancing new supply risks against the cost advantages of sourcing from low-cost countries – including your exposure to China

• Supply chain transformation, digitalization and security

• Supply chain sustainability and still achieving your ESG objectives

Kobus van der Wath, CEO, Axis Group International


Coffee Break and Networking



VALUE: Moving from COST management to VALUE creation


In an inflationary world, as we live in now, Procurement teams are being questioned about what value they are adding as not all organizations due to size etc are more market takers than market makers.

In response to this challenge Procurement teams need to respond on driving value and resilience beyond simple cost -down thinking and approach.

The current and future relevance of Procurement Teams will largely depend on how they will be responding to this after the relatively “free ride” procurement teams enjoyed during the recent economic and supply chain turmoil.

Hendrik Snyman, CPO, Beach Energy


VALUE: Delivering both short and long term value beyond cost savings – an ASC Procurement Case Study 


Buying and sustaining the Australian submarine fleet might be the toughest job in procurement. Yet, despite the enormous cost, other forms of value might be more valuable to ASC stakeholders.

The Head of Procurement at ASC explains ….

Marli Smith, Head of Procurement, ASC


POLICY: Procurement delivering more, faster and better and serving our community

Procurement has always had a full inbox of requirements from stakeholders traditionally centred around better/faster/cheaper supply lines.

The recent overhaul of the SA Government Procurement Framework is focussed on how public money is spent to support local businesses and jobs through government procurement.

Elizabeth Staveski, Executive Director – Procurement Services, Dept of Treasury & Finance, Govt of South Australia

Close and Summary

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO PASA



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