What members are saying about PASA CONNECT

“ My procurement team and I at Pacific National  have found the PASA network a great forum to share in knowledge and also to learn from our fellow procurement professionals.  It has been an incredibly valuable association for us to be part of as our procurement function increases in profile. ”  Kala Paramanathan, Strategic Procurement Manager – Pacific National.

PASA connect is a great way to explore what other organisations are doing, how they are doing it, benefits being achieved and gaps and unanswered questions which may or may not be common.  Participates join sessions which are relevant to your particular interest / area and connect face to face with diverse industries and people.
Depending on the Round Table topic you may have access to external expertise, a good example of this is the Energy Round Table, which BidEnergy dialled in for as an expert advisor, their insight was extremely valuable.
The sessions also provide a pathway for you and your team to network, share and learn.”  Ruth Abrams, Group Manager, Supply, Evolution Mining

"Attending a PASA CONNECT Round Table helps you to think out of the box, by sharing experience and point of views."  Julien Thomazo, Procurement Account Lead, Philip Morris Limited

"APA is participating in the PASA CONNECT Round Table program. It provides a cost effective and ongoing forum for our Procurement practitioners to network and grow amongst peers from organisations across various industries.
The interactive round tables are an opportunity to develop networking skills whilst benchmarking and discussing targeted content, based on experiences of the participants and the often common needs and interests of their organisations." Tony Bell, General Manager Infrastructure Procurement APA Group

“Having attended the SRM round table through PASA, it was very valuable getting connected with peers from other industries to hear about how they tackle similar SRM challenges that we face in our organisation. The sharing of best practice information in our peer group has allowed us to challenge some of our own tools and process and improve on the way my organisation can partner more closely with our suppliers to drive increased value for our organisation.”   Thomas Tuszynski, Group Category Manager – Food & Beverage, Crown Resorts Limited

“Having been a senior procurement professional for 20 years I am a strong supporter of PASA CONNECT.  I believe there is a real opportunity for  procurement people at all levels of skills and experience to learn from each other and this is a cost effective way to achieve a successful outcome for all.”  Greg Heise, Head of IT Commercial Services, Harvey Norman

“To catch up  with your peers and discuss market trends and directions is invaluable to any procurement professional and I strongly recommend ongoing participation in this model of communication to all levels of the procurement profession.”
Ian Rudgley, Procurement Manager, City of Sydney

"The launch of PASA Connect is very exciting and can provide a great forum for all Procurement professionals to expand both their knowledge and network in a dynamic format."  Greg Rose, PMO and Governance Manager Procurement & Logistics, Endeavour Energy

“The Energy PASA was a really interesting and informative session. Dominic/Stuart from Bid Energy were able to join us and they provided a lot of information on the energy market situation including current and future energy market trend, price predictions, energy supply demand outlook and fundamental energy procurement strategies. The roundtable allows participants from different companies to share information and experiences”  Jess Aguinaldo, Commercial Analyst, Endeavour Energy

“The PASA Stakeholder Management  roundtable session I attended provided an excellent opportunity to connect with other procurement professionals from a variety of Organisations and Industries. The sessions provided the mechanism to share information and brainstorm solutions which helped us to better manage our roles and interactions”.  Tony Papalaskaris, Procurement Specialist – ICT, APA Group

"The PASA round tables have been well worth attending.  Collaborating, sharing ideas  and tools with other procurement professionals has been rewarding.  The opportunity to chair some of the round tables has improved my leadership and professional development." Michael Paterson, Strategic Procurement Specialist, Pacific National

"My "takeaways" from the Round Table I attended include insights into other organisations’ methodologies, negotiation strategies and practices as well as networking opportunities."  Dominique Chevrant-Breton,  IT Procurement Manager, Mirvac

"The PASA CONNECT Round Table is a great opportunity for practitioners in different environments but still working on similar things to share their experiences, exchange tips and consider future approaches to common problems.  The Round Table members have a wealth of diverse experience and this acts as touchstone to gaining new perspectives on current issues and reveals unexpected ideas and solutions.  It is a meeting of minds and an exchange of ideas that I would recommend to anyone seeking to gain a broader insight into ITC procurement".  Jack Buchler, Assistant Director, WoVG Technology Procurement Department of Premier and Cabinet