Session held on 5th August 2021

About this session

This new bill became law on 1st January 2021 and requires large organisations (over $100m income), including public sector bodies, to pay their small suppliers (under $10m revenues) within 30 days – with no excuses. 

Fines for non-compliance can reach 0.6% of turnover – say, $180m for a major bank for instance.

Worse for most, especially public sector bodies, is that the Federal Government plan to “name and shame” non-conforming organisations very quickly on a new public website 31st March.

Ensure you are complying and find out other valuable information during this special PASA webinar session from KPMG.

Your guest expert presenter:

Vince Dimasi is a partner at KPMG and leads the national KPMG Working Capital Advisory & Payment Times Reporting team.