PASA Connect Category Management Strategy- Brisbane 17.10.17

In this first Category Management Strategy Round Table  members commence by giving Introductions regarding themselves , their teams and their organisations.

Secondly members outline and discuss fundamental questions such as:

  • How do we define category management?
  • How do you effectively manage stakeholders and get their buy in?
  • What tools are available to you to manage stakeholders?
  • Executive support/mandate and Influencing
  • What is a stakeholder? 


Rosaline Davis-Aqseptence Group

Scott Brennand- Cochlear

Janine Cerlain – Cochlear

Greg Smyth – The University of Queensland

Rachel Johnson-The University of Queensland

Daniel Gurr- Bank of Queensland

Danielle Tracey – Bank of Queensland

Jonathan Bent-Bank of Queensland

Christina Blanchard-Queensland Rail