Grosvenor’s 2015 CPO study surveyed hundreds of top procurement professionals in Australasia to identify the characteristics of Savings Champions and find out which levers they are using.

This detailed report explores the following fundamentals of Category Management:

  • The four spend levers of modern procurement.
  • Why it pays to look beyond Pay Less
  • Advanced spend levers: a host of untapped savings potential.
  • Advanced spend levers: tactics for implementation.
  • Are you a Savings Champion, Follower or Laggard?
  • The road less travelled: turning Laggards into Champions.
  • Preferred tactics of Savings Champions.
  • Appropriate tools by spend category.
  • Category specifics.
  • Want to know how your organisation compares?
  • What do I need to do? 
  • Tips from the Champions.
  • Key findings

This report was provided by  Dr Stefan Gassner  PhD (Business), MCIPS, Procurement Practice Lead, Grosvenor Management Consulting at an ‘expert lead’ Category Management Round table meeting.