Have a question or looking for information, but would like initially to remain anonymous? Submit it to PASA Connect  and we will circulate it throughout the network and connect you with appropriate respondees.

The PASA Concierge service has assisted numerous members so far - below are examples of some of the information requested:

Do members have knowledge of the ‘Supply Chain Sustainability School of Australia’.

• Who’s using it, what for?

 • Is it effective?      

• Do suppliers value it?

“I am looking to develop a stakeholder survey and scorecard to measure customer satisfaction and engagement with internal stakeholders (and possibly suppliers).”

Might you have anything you can share in the way of template or questions?

I am looking for insights into:

• Typical cost per transaction for P2P processes? (perhaps any research, white papers or benchmarking information that you have seen)
• What a typical process may look like (and/or inputs) prior to automation, and then after?
• Differing levels of automation. For example just invoice to pay automation, in comparison with full P2P automation?
Do you have any market analysis regarding e-sourcing tools that you have acquired and what other systems were looked at?

“Have any members been successful in introducing innovation through a services contract?

While a contract may be developed with traditional KPI’s and based on a schedule of rates, has a mechanism been included or discussed, whereby innovation from the contractor (as the subject matter expert) is encouraged and indeed rewarded?”

“how do other members capture spend under contract?”

For example:

• Is it 100% automated through an ERP with linkages between contract line items & POs?
• Or are you manually capturing it?
• Or something in between?

Do any members have an RAP in place or are currently planning or implementing?

Can any member assist in the area of Asset Management?  We are looking to:

• Better understand best practice in Asset Management for an entity such as ours

• To assess ourselves in relation to best practice and to formulate an Asset Management strategy and roadmap to improve the managements of assets at our organisation.

• We are also also seeking support in drafting requirements for an RFQ regarding an Asset Management Tool / System.