Why this is a good time to focus on your career development and future proof it

Session held on 30th March 2022

About this session

procurement people have been working at home for almost two years and while
most initially relished at the “work from home” concept the question is how is
it for you NOW?

have been studies conducted surrounding people’s attitudes to returning to
office work post-crisis.  One finding is that a number of buyers have
enjoyed working from home enormously. In fact, some don’t want to return to
work in a large impersonal office. Others however, are desperate to get back to
the office environment. 

there are those who had no choice, being let go early in the crisis. A
noticeable number took the chance of early-retirement or voluntary severance
early in the crisis; or even long-service or unpaid leave. 

have used the ‘gift-of-time’ well to acquire new skills or develop thoughts of
what they truly want from their career. Some people from non-procurement roles
sometimes found themselves redeployed internally into procurement, and now do
not want to leave. All in all, there is still opportunity in procurement – even
during a crisis. 

For a
variety of reasons, not least job retention in a more competitive marketplace,
buyers everywhere are now working to develop their personal brand, their
resumes and their career development programme all to make themselves a better
candidate next time or, just to futureproof their career’s a little.

our expert for a virtual roundtable session on current career development in
procurement, and review where you are at yourself?

expert presenter: 

Walsh - Director, Birmont Group


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