What to do if your supplier goes bust .. or just technically insolvent

Round table held on 28th July 2020

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About this session

The sad reality of the current crisis, after the human cost, is the economic cost to so many – including suppliers.

Many suppliers will be facing insolvency, administration or even liquidation … but what is the difference between the three?

Can you still trade with them? What if you have part-finished work in progress or have sunk stage payments? How strong is your contract with them? Where is the true risk?

The federal government have announced relaxations of company law to try and ensure some suppliers can limp on – what does this mean in reality though?

How will it help you? And what are the longer term consequences for your supply line? And the real risk buying from technically insolvent suppliers?

This round-table/mini-workshop is a repeat of one held in April which garnered fantastic feedback from participants.

Your facilitator 

Aspect Legal is a small boutique legal practice based in Sydney which specialises in business to business commercial law – including procurement.

The firm was founded and is led by Joanna Oakey, who has a rich history and expertise as a specialist procurement lawyer.



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