The top issues in managing the MRO category – both today and post-crisis (VIRTUAL

Round table held on 24th June 2020

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About the session:

The top issues in managing the MRO category – both today and post-crisis (VIRTUAL)

Can you get the spare parts you need during this crisis? Without them, of course, operations suffer – and the MRO category (maintenance repair & overhaul) is blamed once again.

Meanwhile, local solutions develop and spare parts inventories grow, stocks within stocks can develop, goals are missed, costs rise, bottlenecks develop and projects (or orders) can stagnate and fail.

Moreover, working capital also suffers and the time and effort used to react to problems distracts ops managers from their core business.

Many cannot get all the parts they need at the present time, so what are the practical solutions?

Massively over-stocking parts cannot be the longer-term answer – just in case we have another once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.

This session will help you develop perspective on your parts problems and address the ‘rules’ of spare parts management – which often do not follow the normal rules of supply chain management (SCM).

MRO expert, Phil Slater, will also share his ‘VIRUS’ solution to MRO strategy and offer some insights in the best way to keep your operations running.

Your Expert Facilitator

Phillip Slater is the Founder of, an online resource and training business that specializes in MRO and spare parts management. Phillip is also a global ‘guru’ for engineering spare parts inventory management and optimization. Phillip has +35 years' operational experience, has worked with a wide range of industries across 38 countries, and is the author of nine books, including Spare Parts Inventory Management, the #1 spare parts management book at


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