The PASA Connect Fleet Category Roundtable

This roundtable will cover the following conversational points:

  • Transitioning to an EV fleet – when not if …

  • Supply Chain issues and what it means for fleets

  • Grey fleets and fleet safety – changes to ANCAP ratings protocols

  • Where does the ‘Duty Of Care’ end for fleet operators?

  • Telematics and the use of data in managing dramatic fleet usage changes

  • How to mitigate rising fuel costs and emissions

  • Optimising use of ride-hailing, shared vehicles, pooling, and short-term rentals – as well as the company car park!

Expert presenter:

Paul Oliver is the Director/Principal Consultant of Fleet Advisory.

Paul spent 25 years working in the Fleet Management and Automotive industries, including a broad range of senior roles within leading Fleet Management Organisations (FMOs).

He holds a Masters of Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management and has undertaken training in both Lean Six Sigma and Agile Project Management.

In 2020 Paul established Fleet Advisory – providing independent expert advice to Government, Not For Profit organisations and Enterprise Businesses looking to achieve cost savings, mitigate risks, enhance compliance capability and implement improved fleet management capability, either in-house or via an FMO.


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Date Entered 01/08/2023