The art and science of category management

Session held 19th October

A one-off short training session with PASA CEO, Jonathan Dutton FCIPS 

What is category management? How do you know you are doing it right, or even well?

Are you really just organising by expenditure category instead?

Category Management done really well, is actually a marketing function – where it was invented as a concept. The retail trade think about CAT MGT in the right way still. 

Learn all about the A to Z of category management – it benefits, traps and contradictions as an end-to-end procurement approach.

And get the answer to that million dollar exam question – what is the difference between category management and strategic sourcing? 

This short extract form JD’s “Strategic Procurement Leadership Programme” will reveal all – how Category Management should be.

Attendees will also get a PDF copy of the booklet Jonathan published on this topic in the past, plus the slide deck. 

Your expert facilitator

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO PASA Connect


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Date Entered 26/10/2022