Sustainable Procurement

 Round table held on 25 August 2020

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About the session
Re-agreeing your policy and taking your next measured steps.
Sustainable procurement is no longer a new topic, the ISO20:400 standard was launched three years ago. Yet many procurement practitioners are still forging their written policies with stakeholder support - or working to take their first practical steps in implementing them. And then Covid-19 happened.
Given the economic shock we are experiencing, where many organisations (and their suppliers) are struggling to survive, how are we going to re-address our sustainable procurement priorities and actions?
Join your peers to compare how others are tackling similar issues to you and addressing key questions, such as:

  • Are people revising their sustainable procurement policy given new constraints?

  • How are people balancing environmental, social and ethical procurement objectives? And balancing compliance -v- discretionary policy?

  • How closely do you work with other internal stakeholders (Sustainability, HR, Legal, Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing, etc.)?

  • Given the myriad of options in the full breadth of the ISO 20400 guidance standard, how do you decide what is most relevant for your organisation? And, how do you prioritise categories in terms of impact v effort?

  • How do you still ensure compliance with legal requirements? And what is your forecast for legally enforceable sustainable practices under the current economic environment? Will they be relaxed, maintained or continued to be expanded?

  • How can you take the first practical steps to better outcomes? What kind of quick win actions might you consider?

Your LEAD or facilitator
Nicolas Francois is an expert in this field and is the newly appointed sustainable procurement lead at Grosvenor Procurement Advisory based in Sydney.


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