Supplier Relationship Management Round Table -Melbourne (RT3) 22.08.17

PASA Connect SRM -Melbourne (RT3) 22.08.17

In this session members address the key the difference between “SRM” and “CRM”, then outlining Key management tools such as pillars 4 & 5 and strategies to meet the suppliers on an equal level.

Finally they discuss various Supplier rewards and incentives. 


Michael Paterson -Pacific National

Paul Evangelou -Pacific National

Wayne Bingham -Vicinity Centres

Genny Rowlands-ME Bank

Nicole Lewis-ME Bank

Rey Reyes -Parmalat

Anne-Sophie Aguado -Parmalat


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Keywords communication tool, difference between SRM and CRM, Meeting the supplier on an equal level, Operation of Trello, pillars 4 & 5, Supplier rewards and incentives, Vicinity Value Accelerator template
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Date Entered 13/09/2017