QUARTERLY LEGAL UPDATE: How is the changing law impacting procurement practices in Australia?

Session held on 2nd December 2020

About this session

What is happening in the law and how is it affecting procurement practices? 

Join the ASPECT LEGAL team for this 60 minute session – which will be half webinar and half Q&A, and find out THREE key things:

1. What new laws are coming in to effect in 2020 that might affect how procurement operate with suppliers?

2. What recent CSASE LAW decisions might impact on procurement practices, or have implications for how we work with suppliers?

3. How are we implementing new solutions to recent laws that have come into effect, including:

Modern Slavery Act 

Chain of Responsibility laws – nationally not just in NSW 

Unfair Contract Terms Act 

Privacy Laws and regulations 

Lock out law changes in NSW 

When your in-house counsel is too busy to answer your questions, ask the LEGAL ASPECT team instead, and get a legal heads-up on what every PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONAL should know right now. 

Everything you were afraid to ask the lawyer, you can now ask online through PASA CONNECT 

Your facilitator 

Aspect Legal is a small boutique legal practice based in Sydney which specialises in business to business commercial law – including PROCUREMENT. 

The firm was founded and is led by Joanna Oakey, who has a rich history and expertise as a specialist procurement lawyer  https://www.aspectlegal.com.au/about-us/


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