Procurement & the Law Round Table-Sydney 11.09.17

PASA Connect Procurement & the Law-Sydney 11.09.17

In this first session members engage with a special guest Scott Alden-Holding Redlich and discuss a broad scope of the following fundamental legal issues impacting Procurement:

  • Laws surrounding the tender process
  • Examples where breach of process or contract took place
  • Contract vs process contract
  • Differing types of contracts to utilise?
  • Early contractor Involvement
  • ISO 9001 – Risk Management  
  • Liability
  • Indemnities and consequential Loss 
  • Warranties
  • Time frames when bringing claims against suppliers
  • Deeds
  • Intellectual Property (IP) 

Throughout this informative Round Table session multiple court case examples are given and reviewed.


Scott Alden- Holding Redlich

Dominique Chevrant-Breton-Mirvac

Shane White- Endeavour Energy

Jessica Duong- City of Sydney Council

Greg Heise- Harvey Norman

Tiffany Fillingham- Evolution Mining

Bernie Albano-Endeavour Energy

Jit Chang Bak-Pacific National

Sarah Shams- Mirvac


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Keywords AECOM Case, Andrews v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd, breach of process contract, Breach of third party intellectual property, conforming bids with an alternative offer being allowed, contract v process contract, CSR Limited v Adecco, Cubic Transportation System Inc v State of New South Wales, Deeds, Early Contractor Involvement, Griffin Coal Perth Case 2006, Hadley v Baxendale, Hopkins v AECOM Australia Pty Ltd, How long do I have to bring a claim against a supplier, Indemnities and Consequential Loss, Intellectual Property (IP), IPEX ITG Pty Ltd (in liq) v State of Victoria, ISO 9001 – Risk Management, laws surrounding the tender process, Liability, Liability Risk Assessment, Limit Liability in contract, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council v Diveva Pty Limited, privilege clause, Rankin Construction Inc. v. Ontario, Representational warranty, Ron engineering Case, Telstra v Department of Information Communications Technology and Arts 2007, Tercon v. British Columbia, warranties, What contract do we use, When is a penalty clause not a penalty clause?
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