Procurement & the Law Round Table -Melbourne 22.09.17

PASA Connect Procurement & the Law Round Table -Melbourne 22.09.17

In this session members participate in an open discussion with Scott Alden - Holding Redlich ,attending as a special guest.

The session covers a range of topics such as various types of deeds and their purpose, as well as agile contracting solutions, "sunset clauses" and their benefits and protection options against unfair trading terms.

Lastly the group briefly outline the Procurement Act for sustainability ISO2400.


Kala Paramanathan- Pacific National

Michael Paterson- Pacific National

Stephen Edwards- ME Bank

Jack Buchler-Whole of Victorian Government Technology Procurement

Ruth Kyte-Vicinity Centres

James Officer- Viva Energy

Josh Lloyde- Viva Energy

Sunil Ponnoju– Pacific National

Scott Alden- Holding Redlich.


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Keywords Adecco v CSR, Agile contracting solutions, any guarantee, Competition, confidentiality, deed of access, deed of release, deed of standing offer, deed of subcontractor warranty, Deed vs Contract, defense documentation, GITC, Government IT Contract, indemnities, IS31000, letter of intent, live on clauses, memorandum of understanding, Modern slavery, no ‘consideration’ a deed can be used, Process contract or Concept – RFT, Procurement Act for sustainability ISO2400, protect them against unfair contracting terms, Risk documents, sunset clauses, Termination, Vendor Panel
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Topic / Interest Procurement and the Law
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Date Entered 28/09/2017