Performance Measurement Round Table-Brisbane 13.02.18

PASA Connect Performance Measurement-Brisbane 13.02.18

In this First Round Table meeting members commence discussions with Introductions and then provide an overview of their "current landscapes" highlighting their Expense Management System (EMS), Benefits Tracking, Revenue generation tracking and Contract management Systems and Processes.

Procurement Dashboards  are then shared followed by a discussion around the following key areas:

  • Maturity levels
  • E-Sourcing
  • Purchasing thresholds
  • General Ledger Issues


Kylie Christie-Endeavour Foundation

Karen Foale-Downes-Unitywater

Carolynn Eccles-Endeavour Foundation

Ikraam Adam-Endeavour Foundation

Ben Thompson-Parmalat Australia


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Keywords Benefits Tracking, Contract management Process, Contract management Systems, E-Sourcing, Expense Management System (EMS), General Ledger Issues, Maturity levels, Purchasing thresholds, Revenue generation tracking, Scout RFP, Unitywater Procurement Dashboard
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Topic / Interest Performance measurement
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Date Entered 23/02/2018