Negotiation: A virtual Q&A on your negotiation questions with DR Matt Lohmeyer

Round table held on Friday 29th May, 2020

About the Round-table

Negotiation is both an art and a science. The alchemy of negotiation is a skill and a process we never quite seem to perfect. Most procurement people have “been on the course” …
…. but many have real questions about negotiation practices, techniques or theory despite many hours experience in front of untamed vendors.
Take the chance to uncover the secrets to the craft of NEGOTIATION with Dr Matt Lohmeyer, a professional negotiator and founder of the specialist firm Negotiation Partners.
Ask any question, open or closed, and take the chance to learn quickly from an experienced negotiator and practiced facilitator.
The Facilitator
Dr Matt Lohmeyer is the founder of specialist negotiation firm NEGOTIATION PARTNERS, headquartered in Sydney. Matt and his team negotiate and teach professional negotiation skills around the world.
He has hands-on experience as a contract negotiator for the Defence department on some of their major deals, as well as for a wide range of commercial clients.
Before turning pro, Matt had a career negotiating global licences in the pharma and biotech industry.


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