How to develop a high-performing RFP document (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 24th February 2022

About this session

Cutting and pasting your last RFP document instantly saves time to hit an urgent deadline for an RFP release; “Get it out by Friday” .... BUT, does it save time in the long-run? Does it not just create more work downstream, perhaps when proposals are in and need diligent comparison? 

Investing your time up front in a quality and relevant RFP is always worthwhile. 

Tender expert John Matta will explain HOW to efficiently develop a high-performing RFP that always suits your exact needs.

Your expert facilitator:

John is the director and founder of JNT Consulting, a management consulting firm that helps procurement organisations to bring real value through innovative procurement approaches and advanced analytics. 

John is the only certified person in Australia by the Simplar Institute (an ASU entity and creator of BVPM model) for the Best-Value Procurement Model and he was the first to bring this model to Australia. John has extensive experience in running advanced procurement for major and complex projects with high profile and recent within the Victorian Government using the Best Value Procurement Model.


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