How to buy the ITC category in 2021 – A quick guide + jargon-buster for IT procurement managers (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 4th August 2021

About this session

Join this PASA CONNECT special TWO-HOUR IT procurement training seminar to learn what is essential today buying the ITC category today, including the perplexing jargon:

Current Common Practices

Ad Hoc procurement - often driven by incumbent vendors

No quantitative measures of effect & little assurance of performance

Traditional Good Practice

Based on risk and standards compliance & thorough SWOT analysis

Emerging Best Practice - A Performance based approach to Cyber Security Procurement

Driven by the new draft critical infrastructure legislation

Intelligence assessment of threats, risks and client vulnerabilities

Cyber exercise to assess client resilience in the face of determined likely threat

Design process to address gaps and shortcomings and define required performance criteria

Tender process with to acquire services that measurably meet the criteria

Structure contracts so that criteria are continuously  met during the contact term

Your expert facilitator

Cliff Booth is the founding CEO of EUIT – a specialist ICT procurement advisory firm formed specifically to focus on key aspects of ICT procurement for the corporate and government market. All EUIT employees have a minimum of 25 years industry experience in areas as diverse as Telecoms, Telephony, Contact Centre, Service Management and Cloud.


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