CPO Round Table Brisbane (RT2) 9.11.17

PASA Connect CPO Round Table Brisbane (RT2) 9.11.17

In this second CPO Round Table meeting members give Introductions and outline their Procurement team structures, followed by a general discussion on their Procurement team’s expertise & knowledge sets. 

Thirdly a general discussion is conducted covering procurement's strategic goals and functions in the business for each CPO, followed by the group exploring the two fundamental questions of :What is the value of Procurement? and How do we make our procurement functions more agile?

Lastly members detail their approach to Performance Measurement, answering the question of how to measure added value? and in conclusion each CPO details their Procurement automation journey.


Katrina Ryan-Flight Centre

Roger McNeill- Incitec Pivot

Stephen Kehoe- Queensland Rail

Rachel Johnson – The University of Queensland

Michael Harkin -Seqwater

Brett Mann- Queensland Urban Utilities

Namejs Kins- Unitywater

Deanne Hawkswood- Department of Transport and Main Roads

Nigel-PASA & Asta-PASA


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Keywords “Scout” program, Dynamics, open windows, Performance measurement- how to measure added value?, Procurement automation, procurement functions more agile, Procurement team’s expertise & knowledge sets, procurements strategic goals and functions in the business, SAP Ariba, science warehouse, Tech 1
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Date Entered 11/12/2017