Contingent Labour & Recruitment Round Table– Sydney 06.03.18

PASA Connect Contingent Labour & Recruitment– Sydney Minutes 06.03.18

In this Round Table meeting members address the following key questions:

  • How do we define the Contract Labour Category? What are we including? For instance, are we including recruitment? 
  • What are the principal challenges in managing Contract Labour? How do we provide visibility of the population and reduce risk? Outsourced vs in- house?
  • Are there differences between ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar’?
  • Where are the opportunities to drive greater value from the category?
  • Where do we obtain market intelligence/bench-marking for the category?
  • Stakeholder management. Who are they, what are their issues, how do we manage them? How do we drive change?


Stefano Ferrarini- City of Sydney

Chris Bell- Holcim Australia

Simon Guerii Dall ‘Oro-Cochlear Ltd

Rey Louw-Transport for NSW

Diana Diana – Holcim

Sophie Herblot – Holcim


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Keywords define the Contract Labour Category, opportunities to drive greater value, Prequalification scheme, principal challenges in managing Contract Labour, Retrospective Purchase Order, Safety performance (TRIFR), Software Kronos Tracking hours, Template margin submission sheet used to assist with benchmarking
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Date Entered 05/04/2018