Category Management Strategy Round Table- Melbourne 28.02.18

PASA Connect Category Management Strategy- Melbourne Minutes 28.02.18

In this expert facilitated meeting ,members commence with Introductions followed by an overview of challenges and opportunities within each of their organisations, highlighting the areas of:

  • KPI Management
  • Supplier Ranking
  • Measuring Supplier Performance
  • Determining categories
  • Supplier Management and Supplier Relationships 

Lastly Dr Stefan Gassner -Grosvenor Management Consulting provides a presentation on the spend levers for Category Management outlining the main four spend levers.



Dr Stefan Gassner -Grosvenor Management Consulting

Anne -Sophie Aguado- Parmalat Australia

Ben Buratto-Qenos

Philip Bai- GM Holden

Renee Conrick-Crown Resorts

Sophie Munro-Crown Resorts

Belinda Dunne-Crown Resorts

Kala Paramanathan-Pacific National

Jaydeep Solanki-GM Holden


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Keywords How is category determined, KPI management, Measuring supplier performance, Ranking of suppliers, spend levers for Category Management., Supplier management and supplier relationships
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Topic / Interest Category Management Strategy
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Date Entered 05/04/2018