Business Case Development Round Table-Melbourne 21.02.17

PASA Connect Business Case Development-Melbourne 21.02.17 

In this session Members review and discuss the following fundamental aspects of Business Case Development:

  • How to assess a company's current spending 
  • How to assess the supply market
  • Total cost analyses
  • Stakeholder mapping 
  • Implementation
  • Identification of suitable suppliers
  • Development of a sourcing strategy
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Desired benefits sought through the delivery of a business case or sourcing plane and how to measure its success
  • What is the proposed 'lifecycle' of the arrangement or contract? and when is it best to review it.


Jack Buchler-Whole of Victorian Government Technology Procurement

Ruth Kyte-Vicinity Centres

Frances Gu -PACCAR Australia

Derek Williams-PACCAR Australia

Shane Davis-PACCAR Australia

Natalie Lambrou-Michaelides -Philip Morris Ltd

Tony Papalaskaris-APA Group


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Keywords Assessment of a company's current spending, Assessment of the supply market, business case benefits, Development of a sourcing strategy, Gardner & Forrester reports, Identification of suitable suppliers, Implementation, Lifecycle, Monopoly negotiation, Negotiation with suppliers, stakeholder mapping, supply mapping, Total cost analyses
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Topic / Interest Business case development/market approaches
Type Minutes
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Date Entered 14/09/2017