Become the CPO of your category

Session held on 26th April 2022

About this session

Strong Category Management is an aspiration for many people working in procurement – but when do we ever have the time to focus on strategy rather than transactions? 

To become an informed buyer within our category that our business can trust strategically and operationally?  The key is to treat your category as if you are the CPO of that category.

Whether you are a category manager (young or old) or a buyer managing several categories, take the time to understand what makes up professional category management today.

Get a glimpse into the key elements of good category management including forging your category strategy, dynamic market analysis, cross-functional teamwork and much more.

Join this session for a deep-dive into category management with Dr Sara Cullen, and leave with a clear plan that benefits your organisation and your career and your career.

Expert Contributor

Dr Sara Cullen of the University of Melbourne and The Cullen Group is the pre-eminent national expert on contract management and will facilitate this discussion personally.


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Date Entered 27/04/2022