The Top 5 Apps to help procurement managers work smartly from home (WFH) (VIRTUAL)

After you have coaxed your household into a routine to respect your need for privacy, how do you make yourself more efficient when working from home?

These 5 APPS were almost made for everyday procurement use :

  1. How to communicate as a team – without copying everyone on every e-mail   = SLACK
  2. How to get organised with multiple reminders and lists – use a virtual corkboard = TRELLO
  3. How to manage multiple milestones on many projects and initiatives – use multiple timed eAlerts = TIMEGLASS
  4. How to video-conference with multiple users and utilize premium features = ZOOM (for non-dummies)
  5. How to collaborate with your team on the same project - using virtual WHITEBOARDS = MIRO

Each APP has a FREE version you can download and use immediately.

Join this online webinar to learn what they do, and how to use them effectively. Ten minutes per APP with Q&A

Your facilitator

Marcus Ward is a business AGILE coach and helps teams and organisations solve complex problems and achieve high performance through strategic agile change. He is an experienced AGILE coach and has been working closely with procurement over the last six months or so. 

The time of this session is:

9.00-10:30AM AEST (BNE, SYD, MELB)

8.30-10.00AM (ADL)

11.00-12:30PM (NZ)


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The Top 5 Apps to help procurement managers work smartly from home (WFH) (VIRTUAL)
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Start April 8th, 2020. 09:00am
End April 8th, 2020. 10:30am
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