Social Procurement in practice … practical CASE STUDIES and solutions (ADEL)

How to change the world through procurement by unlocking ‘social’ procurement. It's all good and well to talk about social procurement, it's another thing to successfully implement. Learn what the leaders in the field changed in order to make social procurement work in their organisations.

This workshop session will explore:

  *   what social procurement is and what social impact is

  *  how it differs from other aspects of sustainable procurement  

  *   what best practice looks like today … 

  *   some tips on how to achieve it in your organisation 

Your  facilitator

Mark Daniels is the Executive Director of SOCIAL TRADERS based in Melbourne. He is one of the country’s leading authorities in social procurement and has been instrumental in defining its contribution through both public & private sector exemplar projects over the last few years.

Round-table Details

Social Procurement in practice … practical CASE STUDIES and solutions  (ADEL)
Terminal 1 Conference Room, Adelaid Airport
Terminal 1 Conference Room, which is located directly behind the Virgin Check in desks. Follow the corridor (located behind the check in desks, left of the Screening) right to the end, conference room located through the double doors.
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Start February 4th, 2020. 13:30pm
End February 4th, 2020. 16:00pm
Status Round-table Closed

Other Details

Seats 12 persons
Attendees 4 persons
Location Adelaide, SA
Category Topic based special interest groups
Type Round Table