How to run a procurement ESG team post-Covid – Procurement’s next frontier (VIRTUAL)

The race against time

Organisations are more cognoscente than ever of growing ESG requirements - Environmental, Social and corporate Governance needs. 

And especially of the consequences of failure in this arena, with both internal and external audiences. 

Indeed, procurement teams are now in the front line - being asked to do more than ever post-Covid, for example:  de-risk inbound supply chains, re-engineer business continuity plans (BCP), dual-source vital supply lines, optimise buffer stocks, cut costs savagely, ensure supplier inputs meet new rigorous safety standards, ensure strict compliance & safety standards, pay SMEs inside 30 days, buy indigenous, support disability and solve modern slavery.  And, btw, implement the new system or upgrades properly, sort the training plan and bring desktop spend-analysis to hand. All whilst working largely from home. Quite a challenge. 

Increasingly the role of the in-house procurement ESG team is becoming vital for avoiding slip-ups. For “success” is expected never envisaged and is often measured by no-mistakes. But resources are not endless; how can you optimise your investment in the procurement  governance team? What is the priority? What is truly essential to do, what less so? Where do you start at least?

Your expert presenter

Angela Van Eekelen was until very recently the Global Policy and Compliance Manager for the entire Group Procurement team at ANZ bank in Melbourne. 

Prior to which she had related roles at NAB bank and previously at IBM for almost 20 years. 

The time of this session is:

9.30-10:30AM AEST (SYD, MELB, BNE)

9.00-10.00AM (ADL)

11.30-12.30PM (NZ)

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How to run a procurement ESG team post-Covid – Procurement’s next frontier (VIRTUAL)
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Start May 7th, 2021. 09:30am AEST
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