Enhancing influencing skills for procurement managers (VIRTUAL)

A long-standing self-critique of senior procurement people is their influencing skills at the senior levels within their organisation. How do we get C suite attentive in a positive way?  How do we win our argument for resource and strategy? 

This short workshop is an extract of a course originally developed for sales professionals and amended for procurement professionals. Learn how to shape your influencing, win the all important internal argument and fashion your business case for a C suite audience 

Your facilitator

Odelle Bell is a successful business owner and manager with deep experience in Procurement recruitment and HR consulting, particularly predictive analytics for procurement practitioner recruitment as well as predictive analysis of suppliers in the context of SRM strategy and partnership building
predictiveindex.com    and   8consulting.com.au

The time of this session is:

  • 12.00 -1.30PM AEDT (SYD, MELB)
  • 11.00 - 12.30PM (BNE)
  • 11.30-1.00PM (ADL)
  • 2.00-3.30PM (NZ)

Round-table Details

Enhancing influencing skills for procurement managers (VIRTUAL)
Virtual - at your desk using Zoom
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Start April 2nd, 2020. 12:00pm
End April 2nd, 2020. 13:30pm
Status Round-table Closed

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Seats 16 persons
Attendees 15 persons
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Type Virtual