Cyber-Security with suppliers (VIRTUAL)

We are increasingly well versed in IT security and keeping our in-house systems safe, under the watchful eye of our CIO and the IT team … 

Yet the Achilles-heal of supply chain security is data integrity – but how can procurement manage supplier cyber-security?

Join the New Zealand based experts from Fortinet, one of the world’s foremost cyber-security firms, for a guided introduction to the basics of improving our cyber-security with our suppliers;

Including a short presentation followed by Q&A.

Expert presenters

Jennie Vickers - Independent Consultant, Sales to Fortinet Inc

Joshua Alcock - Principal Engineer and Security Strategist - Fortinet Inc

The time of this session is:

11:00-12:00PM AEST (SYD, MELB, BNE)

10.30-11.30AM (ADL)

1.00-2.00PM (NZ) 

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Cyber-Security with suppliers (VIRTUAL)
Virtual - at your desk using Zoom
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Start July 27th, 2022. 11:00am AEST
End July 27th, 2022. 12:00pm AEST
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