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An Introduction to Lean-agile Procurement with Mirko Kleiner (Syd)

Many of you will have heard about ‘Lean-agile procurement’, but what is it really about and what opportunities does it present? This special round-table/short format event will address these and other questions such as:

  • What is new or different about it?
  • When might it be applicable?
  • What is the Lean Procurement Canvas?
  • What sort of benefits and outcomes would you expect through adopting LAP?

The round-table will be led by the global thought leader in Lean-agile Procurement, Mirko Kleiner. Based in Switzerland, Mirko will be in Australia that week to deliver the Lean-Agile Procurement Certification Workshop on 18th & 19th September in Sydney.

Some time has just freed up in his calendar, meaning he is available for this special PASA Connect session.

During the round-table Mirko will present a short, award winning case study on how CKW Group achieved 400% Increase in Time-to-Market.

The award-winning success of the CKW Group is a striking lesson in how to achieve significant improvement in time-to-market, risk reduction and improving spend through radical focus to customer value.

The CKW Group is a Swiss energy company with annual revenue of $850 million. It is still in the early stages of transitioning to business agility. For the introduction of a new collaboration and communication suite for their 1700 employees they decided to try a radically new approach. This had an unexpected positive impact in areas that had not been on their radar at all. 

The presentation will be followed by extensive discussion on the questions above or any others that members raise on the day. 

Attendance by Colleagues

Mirko has suggested that colleagues such as your CTO (Chief Technical Officer) or Head of Digital, may find the round-table extremely valuable. Please let Lesley Wardropper know at if you would like to bring a colleague to the session.

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An Introduction to Lean-agile Procurement with Mirko Kleiner (Syd)
Office of pm-partners
Level 5, 45 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
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Start September 20th, 2019. 09:00am
End September 20th, 2019. 11:30am
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Seats 20 persons
Attendees 18 persons
Location Sydney, NSW
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Type Round Table