The primary benefit for PASA CONNECT members are the round table sessions that bring members together for peer-to-peer learning.

Peer-to-peer and Expert-led Round-tables

While most of the round-tables are based on peer-to-peer learning, a proportion of sessions will be led or facilitated by an external expert such as an experienced procurement consultant, lawyer or category expert.

Physical and Virtual Round-tables 

Most round-table sessions are physical meetings hosted by members on their own premises. However, for some categories or more niche topics, we have now introduced virtual round-tables where we utilize a free, browser-based web conferencing application to bring up to 12 members together from across the whole network to address a single topic.

Roles, Topics and Categories

Round-tables are arranged based on:

Roles – CPO/Head of Procurement, 2i/c, analyst, category manager, vendor manager, contract manager

Topics – Examples include: category management strategy, SRM, contract management, supplier performance management, analytics, procurement and the law, achieving cultural change - moving from cost to value, writing a scope of works .. .and many more

Categories – primary focus on indirect categories such as marketing services, IT & T, professional services, MRO, travel, contingent labour & recruitment, facilities, Logistics

Frequency and Duration

We are currently scheduling around 6 round-table sessions each month in each of the cities in which PASA CONNECT is operating. That means upwards of 50  sessions per year in each city! Sessions typically run for between 2-3 hours, depending on type of session.

Schedule of Round Tables

The schedule of Round Tables can be found by clicking on the events tab on the top menu bar.  You can view by month, week, day or as a list.  To register for the events you must be logged in as a PASA CONNECT member.  You can then click on any event in the calendar to bring up more information about that particular Round Table.


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