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An affordable networking, learning and development initiative that brings procurement professionals together for peer-to-peer and expert-led learning that is:

  • Relevant – schedule and agendas driven by real-time needs of members
  • Plentiful – With between 50-60 sessions in each participating city each year, there are many opportunities for the team to get involved.>
  • Focussed – Sessions of between 2-3 hours mean your time is well used
  • local – Round-tables held in your own city or from your own desk in ‘virtual’ round-tables
  • inclusive – Many initiatives focus on the CPO or Head of Procurement. While PASA CONNECT does service CPO’s, it is really designed for participation by the WHOLE TEAM
  • affordable - With training budgets under pressure, PASA CONNECT enables you to deliver a lot of relevant and targeted learning and development opportunities, while making your budget stretch further

The Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Learning

We all recognize that the best information you can get to help you do a better job is to understand how others are tackling the same issues that you face.

To get this information, many people spend thousands of dollars attending long conferences & traditional training courses or accessing online remote networks.

These approaches can be effective, but increasingly feel resource rich but relevance poor. Yet the innovative conferences run by PASA have taught us that peer learning is most effective when practitioners can sit down and have a conversation and explore those elements of their job that are directly relevant to them and can directly help them today.

In this way, PASA Connect offers real world, practical advice, information, best practice and insights that are based on current, local market conditions.


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