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An affordable networking, learning and development initiative that brings procurement professionals together for both peer-to-peer and expert-led learning that is:

  • Relevant – The schedule and session agenda are specified by members & driven by their real-time needs
  • Broad - With over 50 sessions in each participating city each year, there are many up to date procurement topics and subject areas  offered
  • Focussed – Sessions of between 2-3 hours mean your time is well used on each niche topic but time-out-of-the-office is minimised – just like attending an external meeting
  • Local – Round-tables are held in your own city, or from your own desk in ‘virtual’ round-tables, negating travel time and money
  • Inclusive – PASA CONNECT  is designed for participation by the WHOLE TEAM, not just the favoured few, nor just the CPO
  • Affordable - With training budgets under pressure, PASA CONNECT offers a low-cost fixed annual cost for as many sessions as you wish to attend in any city – making your budget stretch further and cover every member of your team

 PASA Connect Round-tables give you the opportunity to:

• Compare notes with colleagues from different organisations

• Benchmark

• Share market information

• Address questions that are relevant to you

• Obtain great tips and free tools

• Consider alternate concepts

• Get new insights and ideas

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