Procurement in Practice

PASA Connect helps you practically uplift your:


  • Technical procurement skills – The  core elements of being a procurement professional
  • Business/commercial acumen -  Learning how and when to apply those skills
  • Soft (or Life) skills – The key attributes for success
  • Experience  –  What works and what doesn't?
  • Relevant, specialist knowledge –  Market, sector, role, legal
  • Network -  of advisers, mentors and peers


PASA CONNECT membership provides the opportunities to develop all of these and more

 PASA Connect Membership enables you to:

• Learn from a diverse line-up of subject matter experts, coaches, trainers and thought-leaders

• Broaden your horizons and experience by comparing notes with peers from other organisations

• Share common challenges and solutions

• Address questions  and issues that are directly relevant to you

• Build a valuable network of peers, mentors and advisers

• Develop the key skills and knowledge you need to succeed


Download the forward calendar of round-tables, seminars and webinars to see what we mean

PASA Connect and COVID 19 

In normal circumstances PASA Connect round-tables are a mix of both physical and virtual round-tables. However, due to the social distancing requirements, all round-tables, seminars and workshops are for now being conducted virtually.

In response to the Covid 19 crisis the PASA Connect team has demonstrated great agility by rapidly redeveloping the forward schedule of round-tables, seminars and workshops to directly reflect the needs and priorities of members in these ‘unusual’ times. Click on the link below to see how a PASA Connect membership could be helping you RIGHT NOW


Download the forward calendar of round-tables, seminars, workshops and webinars

For further information, please contact Jonathan Dutton 0404 452 861 or Amy Barton 0491 741 141

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