Connecting procurement professionals for high quality networking and shared learning

PASA Connect is a low cost membership network that provides extensive, affordable, learning and networking opportunities for all members of the procurement team, from the CPO/Head of Procurement to its most junior member. Organisations join their procurement team, with the annual subscription determined by the size of the team.

Round-table Sessions

The primary benefit delivered to PASA Connect members is the opportunity to participate in Round-table sessions at which members explore solutions to their current challenges, gain exposure to new ideas and practices, benchmark their own capability and most importantly, build valuable relationships with their peers. Check out the forward schedule of events to see what you could be participating in.

Common Interest Groups

PASA CONNECT is about building networks of members based on common interest groups. These groups may be based on seniority or responsibility such as CPO or Future leaders, by category – direct or indirect, or by specific issues or topics. The benefit people gain from interacting with others with the same interests and responsibilities is vastly greater than that obtained through general networking. See the current list of groups here

Additional Benefits

In addition to the Round-table sessions, PASA Connect provides a number of member benefits including short-format events, members only webinars, virtual round-tables, member find member and private online discussions. Early in 2017 we will also be developing a mentoring programme between members. Read more

Affordable to All

Learning & Development Budgets are under increasing pressure. From the outset PASA CONNECT has been developed to solve this problem and to be affordable to all procurement teams. No other solution in the market will provide your team with anything like the number or quality of learning and networking opportunities that you will receive from a PASA Connect subscription. Contact us to find out exactly what your investment would be

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